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About Benbecula

Benbecula (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn na Foghla meaning "Mountain of the Fords"), lies between the islands of North Uist and South Uist, to which it is connected by road causeways. Due to its central location in the island chain, it is an ideal base if you wish to spend several days exploring the neighboring islands most of which are accessible and back within a day. The island has beautiful beaches, and there are plenty moorland walks. Ruabhal, Benbecula's highest, hill at 124 meters, is on the island’s east side and on a good day the views from the summit are spectacular. 


There are plenty of fresh water lochs on Benbecula and the neighboring islands, fishing permits are usually available from local outlets. Wildlife tours are available throughout the islands. 


Nunton (Scottish Gaelic: Baile na Cailleach, meaning "Town of the Nuns") is situated on the west coast of the island, along with many historical features there is also the beautiful beach of Culla Bay. 
Nunton House is of significant historical interest being one of the oldest buildings on Benbecula and also being involved in sheltering Prince Charles Edward Stewart after the defeat of the Jacobite Army at Culloden. 
Nunton Steadings once part of Nunton Farm has been restored and is used as a café and exhibition centre.
Nunton is also the site of a ruined chapel, Teampall Mhoire, an old burial ground and a modern cemetery. 
Culla Bay is a sand and shingle beach in the right conditions is perfect for walks, picnics and for those who are brave enough to venture into the cool waters, surfing and swimming!

Balivanich (Scottish Gaelic: Baile a' Mhanaich, meaning "Town of the Monk") is the main administrative centre for the Southern Isles, which has the council offices, airport, bank, post office, Uist & Barra Hospital and community hall. There are also two grocery shops, a gift shop, restaurant, bar, Chinese takeaway and petrol station. Uist Community Riding School and Benbecula Golf course are on the outskirts of Balivanich.


Lionacleit is home to the islands secondary school which is also a community centre containing a swimming pool, cafeteria, sports and gym facilities, museum and the public library. Next door to this is the Benbecula campus of Lews Castle College. Along from Lionacleit in the township of Torlum is Borve Castle a ruined 14th century tower house built by Amy MacRuairi, the first wife of John, Lord of the Isles, around 1350. At this time, the Lords of the Isles were at the height of their power and Clan Ranald, closely connected with the Lordship, had a strong presence in the area. 


Creagorry at the southern tip of Benbecula is where you will find a supermarket, and the Old Creagorry Bar.

Griminish is home to the RC Church and Church of Scotland and also the local doctor’s Surgery.

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